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April 24 Join The Parrot Club on Wednesday, April 24 at 7 pm ET for a talk by Dr. Devaughn Fraser about the Bats of Connecticut. While not birds, these extraordinary flying mammals occupy the same airspace as our feathered friends in CT. This diverse and charismatic group of mammals play critical roles in ecosystems and provide invaluable services for humans in the form of pest control, pollination, seed dispersal, and nutrient transport. Largely misunderstood, bats face a variety of conservation challenges, including disease, wind farm development, habitat loss, and persecution. Dr. Fraser will introduce the 9 species of bat we have here in Connecticut, and discuss the methods we are using to monitor and protect these valuable members of our community.

Dr. Fraser received her doctorate in biology from UCLA, where she used advanced genetic techniques to evaluate impacts of infrastructure development and environmental toxicants on wildlife. Prior to joining DEEP, she worked at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify the genetic basis oaf resistance to white nose syndrome in bats, in addition to landscape genetic studies of several other bat species. She first started working with bats as a field technician in 2009, and has been dedicated to their conservation ever since.

Contact for a Zoom link.

May 19 50th Anniversary Member Appreciation Celebration!

We're having a party on Sunday, May 19, starting at 1:30 pm in Glastonbury at the Fellowship Hall at Buckingham Congregational Church, 16 Cricket Lane, Glastonbury (same place as our holiday parties). People should enter on the right side of the building (when looking at the building). This is the handicap entrance plus this side of the building has the most parking. Bathrooms are right off the hall - including a handicap bathroom. There is a lift to get people down the one flight of stairs to the Fellowship Hall. Kitchen is right off the Hall. No alcohol.

Very few bird clubs have lasted 50 years and we're proud to be one of them! In honor of our 50th, we're having a big party for current members and guests. Please note that your membership dues must be up-to-date to attend (or we can collect dues at the door), so if you've been getting emails that it's time to renew, make sure you go ahead!

We'll be unveiling a new 50th anniversary logo and every current member gets a free item of branded merchandise with the new logo (if you can't attend, we can mail it to you upon request free of charge)! We'll also have a site set up for people to purchase the logo on whatever they want.

The Club will provide pizza (including vegetarian, vegan, and pepperoni), an anniversary cake, soda, water, cutlery, cups, dishes, and napkins. We ask everyone to bring potluck food to share.

We'll have raffles, door prizes, auction items, and freebies from Lafeber!

Any club member that wants to have a vendor table is welcome and there will be NO charge! Just please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure we have enough tables. Dena will be there with toys from Creative Bird Toys. If you want her to bring or make you something, please contact her ahead of time at

We'd appreciate as we get closer if you let us know if you're coming and if you're bringing guests so we can get a rough head count. Birds are not allowed in this room because of the carpet, so please leave your feathered friends home.

If you have new or used toys, toy parts, perches, bowls, carriers, etc. that you don't want anymore, please bring them and we'll donate them to Foster Parrots.

Also, if you have any bird-related things you'd like to donate to our auction this year, feel free to bring those too!

Come and celebrate this momentous milestone with your fellow club members!



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