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The Parrot Club meets the second Tuesday of the month, March through December.  There is social time from 7-7:30pm, followed by the business meeting, and then the programs. There is a $3 suggested donation to all Parrot Club monthly programs for nonmembers.

May 10 Daniel Field, Yale grad student - Exploring the Avian Tree of Life
Unraveling the evolutionary relationships among the major groups of living birds has been one of the greatest challenges in ornithology for over a century. Thanks to a recent Yale study, we are now developing a clearer picture of avian evolutionary history, and the antiquity of modern birds. This new bird tree of life sheds long-sought light on how modern birds came to be, and will change the way you think about the house sparrows and mourning doves at your bird feeders and the parrots in your homes!
Daniel Field, a doctoral candidate at Yale University and recognized expert in avian paleontology, will be the guest speaker at The Parrot Club's May 10 meeting, and the public is welcome to attend the program. Field will be defending his doctoral thesis on May 9 and will hopefully be Dr. Field by the time he joins us for this exciting talk!
Field is a widely published researcher in the field of vertebrate paleontology whose studies focus on such topics as the evolutionary origins of modern avian diversity. He has spent many months in the field studying and photographing birds and has observed firsthand nearly 2,300 wild species in North and South America, Australasia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Japan. His wildlife videos and images have appeared in academic publications, press releases, and magazines.
June 14

Gerri Griswold, wildlife rehabilitator - live porcupine program

July 12 movie night, TBD
August 4-6 American Federation of Aviculture
August 20 Picnic
September 13 Michele Parrett
October 11 TBA
November 8 Amy Hopkins & Chris Hickey - Australia
November 12 Birdie Bash
December 13 Holiday Party


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